Scars are generally not embraced by their owners, often marking an event which would rather be forgotten. Over time, people learn to tolerate the discomfort provoked by their scar. Tissue surrounding a scar can be ragged or taut, discolored, cold, burning, numb or hypersensitive.

Scarwork can change this.

Through a gentle, painless and relaxed touch technique, scars can be transformed and improvements appear to be permanent. Skin surface becomes smooth as the underlying tissue is woven back together; color approaches normal skin tone; and nerve dysfunction can be resolved.

Scarwork is suitable for new and old scars alike. Surgical incisions and other cuts, burns, dog bites and punctures, road rash, abdominal ballooning from surgery or pregnancy, chicken pock and acne marks, in addition to cartilage fractures and keloids, can all be treated with this technique.

Depending on the nature and importance of the scar, the number of sessions will vary. However, results are often observed after just one treatment, regardless of when the scar was acquired.

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