Kainoa Massage & Rolfing accompanies its clients to reach their highest potential for freedom of movement.

The Rolfing Structural Integration method and various massage modalities provide an opportunity to regain one’s natural integrity of form.

KAINOA:  (kahy·noh·uh) freedom of the ocean, Hawaiian language

Cheryl Schon | Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Licensed Massage Therapist

With a lifetime of travel, exploring and absorbing many rich, beautiful cultures, Cheryl has noticed how verbal language figures pretty low on the food chain in terms of conversation.  The one constant she has observed in her contact with people ranging from Amazon tribal warrior to New York CEO to African mountain guide to Swiss midwife to Polynesian fisherman is that communication through touch and movement is the same wherever you go.  Human beings worldwide all possess a complex fascial network allowing a precise and honest exchange of information.  It is from this space that Cheryl begins a “dialogue” with her clients.